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Solving disputes.

Anywhere. Anytime.

For anyone.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


of disputes settle if mediated, according to the American Bar Association


in cost savings compared to the cost of litigation, according to the American Bar Association


of cases mediation helps to preserve the relationship between parties. (Association for Conflict Resolution)

I've built my career helping people and walking along side them through their journey.

Shanna Romanillos  |  Mediator & Former Executive Director

Featured Mediator

I am fully dedicated to providing a safe environment for all parties to openly communicate, without fear of retaliation or judgment.

05. Mediate

During the days leading up to your session, you'll communicate directly with your mediator inside the platform. Share documents. Share info. All securely and confidentially - away from the other parties.  We even have videos that tell you what to expect and teach you about the process.  On the day of mediation, just log in from your app or web and participate by video.

How It Works

03. Confirm other side

Mediation is voluntary for ALL parties. Therefore you need to confirm that the other side(s) want to participate and want to use your preferred mediator. Don't want to talk to the other side about this?  We can do that for you.

01. Choose a Mediator

Pick the best mediator for your dispute based on case type, location, schedule, or even first available. If you're overwhelmed and need guidance, just book a free consultation and we'll guide you.

02. Confirm schedule

You can see your preferred mediator's availability directly on our website. Choose a date & time that works best for you and the other parties in your dispute. Don't want to coordinate with the other side? We can do that for you.

04. Book your mediation

Book the time and date and answer a few questions about your dispute, including contact info for the other side(s). Click book and then you'll receive next steps on how to log in to our platform, how to pay, and more. When in doubt, just ask us!

We're here to help all sides of a dispute.

Lawyer woman looking for a mediator


We know you're looking for the best mediator for your case. Look no further.

Person stressed in dealing with a conflict


You probably have no idea what dispute resolution is. Let us show you how to resolve your dispute in one session

business professionals resolving a conflict


You're busy. You're focused on profitability. Let's get your dispute resolved quickly in just one session.


New tools for old problems

Woman Mediator

Top Tier Mediators Nationwide

Our nationwide pool of expert mediators is comprised of certified and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and specialties.

Mediation mobile platform

On Demand Availability

See our calendars and availability in real time.  We even have the ability to assign your mediation to an available mediator same day, if desired.


Multi-functional Ecosystem

 We've built an all-in-one platform that integrates secure messaging, docu-share, invoicing, payments, video conferencing, settlement drafting, signing, and more.  

Affordable mediation prices

Transparent Pricing

We've streamlined the mediation process, reducing overhead to match you with experienced mediators at accessible prices. Starting at $250.00 per party.


Abstract Surface

Professional, vetted mediators who you can trust

Tap into Gogo's network of experienced and certified professional problem-solvers who can help you with a range of issues including personal disputes, divorce, personal injury, commercial claims, debt claims, probate, community disputes, employment and more. With our mediators, you get the same professionalism and quality you would expect from an in-office mediator, but with the ability to communicate when and how you want through our secure and unique platform.

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