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Expedited Arbitrations by Submission


Why Expedited Arbitration Works...

Navigating through small claims courts can be a lengthy endeavor with the added uncertainty of varying judicial expertise. Gogo's Expedited Arbitration by Submission ensures a swift, economical resolution within 35 days by legal experts, with no room for protracted appeals. Without the need for live appearances and the assurance of professional adjudication, our arbitration service stands as a streamlines, superior alternative for resolving disputes.

What is expedited arbitration?

Arbitration is a dispute resolution process where an impartial third party, called an arbitrator, reviews the evidence and makes a binding decision to resolve the dispute. Think of it like "private" court.  With expedited arbitration, the process is quicker and with less steps (and cheaper too!).

Is arbitration required for me?

It depends. If your contract or agreement requires arbitration then yes. However, the expedited form of arbitration is rarer and must usually be voluntary and consensual by all parties because you do give up some rights in exchange for it being quicker.

Who pays for arbitration?

The parties involved in the arbitration typically share the cost of arbitration, including fees charged by the arbitration service provider and the arbitrator.  Gogo's fees start as low as $250.00 per party.

Who is the arbitrator?

The arbitrator is an impartial third party appointed to hear and decide the dispute. With Gogo, they are a qualified professional with expertise in the relevant field.

What does "by submission" mean?

You submit your arguments in writing and file your evidence, WITHOUT a live hearing.  This means that the arbitrator makes a decision based on what each party files to support their side of the case.

Will I have an opportunity to talk to the arbitrator?

No.  Because the parties have chosen to resolve the dispute "by submission," the parties must put all of their arguments and evidence in writing. Neither party will have the opportunity to meet the arbitrator or verbally explain their position.

How does arbitration work?

In arbitration, both parties present their case and submit evidence to the arbitrator. The arbitrator reviews the evidence, considers applicable laws and regulations, and then renders a decision, known as an arbitration award, which is binding on the parties involved. The process at Gogo is conducted entirely through written submissions.

How quickly will a decision be made?

Our policy is to set an arbitration hearing by submission no earlier than 35 days from receiving a Request for Arbitration. A final award is issued on that day and will be sent to the parties within 2 days. Generally, a decision will be made within 6 weeks from initiating arbitration.

Can I appeal the arbitration award?

Generally, arbitration decisions are binding and final, with limited grounds for appeal. It is important to review the terms of the arbitration agreement or applicable laws to understand the options for challenging or appealing an arbitration decision.


You Asked, We Answered.

Files and Forms to Download

Arbitration Request Form

If you don't already have an Arbitration Request Form, you are welcome to download and complete this one. Simply submit the completed form to us through our Intake link or email it to us at

Gogo's Expedited Arbitration by Submission Rules & Procedures

To ensure fairness and impartiality, Gogo Arbitrators follow these Rules & Procedures. 

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