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Dispute Resolution Services

for Business.

100% Online.


Growing your business is what really matters.


of US corporations are engaged in some type of litigation, and the average company balances a docket of 37 US lawsuits. The number increases for small businesses.


of small business owners are worried that they may be involved in frivolous or unfair lawsuit that could be costly, time-consuming and damaging the reputation of their business.


average resolution rate in voluntary Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings.

Affordable dispute resolution services for businesses.

Disputes between employees is more common than you think. Keep your management out of the middle of it and send your employees to us. We'll help to resolve the conflict.


We've all been there. You owe someone money or a customer owes you. You don't have to get caught up in the endless cycle of emails, calls, texts, and demand letters.


Someone didn't do what they were supposed to do under a contract. Do you spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting them in court? Or do you want to try an alternative?


Businesses are like a marriage. Things can go awry. Sometimes it's salvageable; sometimes it's not. But there are still details to be worked out. Mediation can help you do that.


Our trained mediators have been exposed to virtually every type of dispute. If you have a unique situation that's not addressed here, just reach out to us and we'll talk.


After a year of going in circles with the other side, I was amazed by the fact we were able to resolve things in just few hours.

Clayton S.



Not only do each of our mediators have extensive experience resolving disputes individually, but Gogo provides a supportive framework that encourages collaboration and innovative thinking to create solutions tailored to your unique situation.


The core of our service: neutrality. A mediator's neutrality is key to a successful resolution - it ensures fairness, builds trust, and helps parties find common ground to reach an agreement.


Nobody wants to air their dirty laundry. All mediations are private and confidential, unlike lawsuits and litigation. Confidentiality ensures that the parties can truthfully and accurately convey their problems without fear.


Lawsuits and lawyers costs thousands of dollars. While that may be necessary in some cases, sometimes it can be more cost-effective to just get everyone to the table and talk.

Professional, experienced, and vetted Resolution Experts who you can trust.

Gogo Mediation vs.

Traditional Litigation

Gogo Mediation
Traditional Litigation

per party fee to start a mediation


average lawyer retainer to start a case


average litigation cost


total mediation cost (for 2-hour, 2-party matter)

2 hours

shortest mediation session

average duration on personal injury litigation

23 months


confidential because lawsuit is a public record

How It Works

Get matched to the best Resolution Expert for your case.

Schedule a free consultation and answer a few questions about your dispute to find a resolution expert who fits your needs. Get access into our network of certified and experienced mediators.

We help you inform the other party and schedule your mediation.

Resolve your dispute from anywhere.

When you're in a conflict, you often don't know where to start or how to go about getting the other side to come to the table. After our consultation, give us the other side(s) name and contact information and we'll reach out to them for you. Just remember - mediation is a voluntary process for all. No one can be forced.

We get it. You're busy and don't have time to go to a mediator's office. With Gogo, you can communicate with your mediator and even attend mediation via our app on your phone. But, of course, using our platform through your web browser is always best.

Schedule a free consultation


The Answers You Need

Well, you can't (unless you've already agreed to it in a mandatory mediation contract provision). Mediation is an entirely voluntary process. By everyone involved. BUT if you've already tried to talk to the other side about using mediation as a way to resolve a dispute and you're hitting a wall, let us help. If you're serious about using Gogo Mediation to help you resolve your dispute, just send us the name and contact information for the other side(s) and we'll reach out to them for you (and obviously explain who we are and the process of mediation).

How do I force the other side to negotiate?

Generally, each side pays for their own share of the mediation cost. This obviously means that the party has agreed to attend mediation in the first place. On occasion, there are unique situations where one party may choose to pay for the entire session. If this is the case, just let us know so that we can properly invoice and bill (our system is automated at booking and the default is to send invoices and payment links to each party).

Who pays for mediation?

If a resolution is reached by all parties, then yes, the agreement is memorialized into a binding contract. One of the biggest misconceptions is that our mediators act like judges or arbitrators and decide the outcome of the case for the parties and force a binding decision on them - mediation is not that. But if a resolution is reached, the mediator will help facilitate putting the terms into an enforceable and binding agreement.

Is mediation binding?

Our Resolution Packages (starting prices)

Quick 2-hour


For those who have a very, very simple dispute. Unpaid invoice? Property damage? Let’s work quickly to get this done in 2 hours!

(per party)

Quick+ 3-hour


Have a straight-forward dispute where the parties are mostly aligned but are just on the opposite ends of the spectrum of the desired outcome?

(per party)

Standard 4-hour


Our traditional ½ day session is best suited for disputes with several legal issues. With more time, resolution is within reach!

(per party)

All Day 8-hour


A full 8-hour session to be able to work out all of the issues for all of the parties. With more time, resolution is within reach!

(per party)

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