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by Gogo Mediation

Resolve Short-Term Rental Disputes

PropResolve is the solution to short-term rental disputes between owners and renters.

PropResolve is a third-party mediation service designed to resolve disputes between short-term rental owners and renters. Our unique approach allows us to achieve a successful resolution for all parties involved with less time and cost.  Think of us like an outsourced and independent claims department. 

Property Management Company Submits a Dispute

If an informal resolution can't be quickly reached in-house, the property management company will submit the dispute to PropResolve, detailing the nature of the issue, party names and contact info. Often times, the "outsourcing" of the dispute resolution process is disclosed in the rental agreement.

Free 15 Minute Consultation (if desired)

PropResolve offers a complimentary and confidential 15 Minute video or phone consultation.  The consultation is really meant to discuss the overall nature of the dispute, the mediation process, and other technical issues. The consultation is not meant as a substitute for the mediation itself.

Quick Scheduling

Once a dispute is submitted, the owner will receive an email asking to propose 3 available dates and times. Those dates will be circulated to the other side for confirmation. Once a response is received from the renter on availability, the mediation will be booked. Technically, the mediation can take place in a matter of days if the parties move quickly on the scheduling piece.

Who is the mediator?

We've shortlisted a handful of Gogo Mediators who are well-versed in the unique circumstance the parties are in. The goal: a quick and mutually agreeable solution.

How does one prepare?

The best way to prepare is to write up a thorough, yet concise "Mediation Summary" that you will share confidentially only with the mediator. In this summary, it's wise to state your version of the events, what you're asking for, and provide concise and sound justification for your ask.  Providing limited, yet relevant physical evidence is also helpful.  

What happens at mediation?

There are always exceptions (yup, that's the lawyer in us), but at the start time the mediator will generally begin in a private one-on-one video session with one side, hear their positions and demands, then go to the other sides' private video session and hear their side. The mediator will facilitate a resolution by helping evaluate the positions and potential outcomes by going back and forth several times. If a resolution is reached, it will be put into writing in the form of a Mediated Settlement Agreement.

How It Works

What's next?

If a property management company has already disclosed that they've referred your short-term rental issue to us, don't worry.  You will receive an email about next steps, including scheduling, payment (each side pays their own cost), and Rules for Mediation. Of course, if you need assistance, just reach out to us.

Manage short-term rental or vacation homes?

If you want to outsource your dispute resolution process between owner and renter, schedule a consult with Gogo and we can discuss how Gogo can help.  If you have an issue ready to be referred, simply input case info in our intake form.

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