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Shanna Romanillos, Mediator
  • Shanna Romanillos, Mediator

Shanna Romanillos, Mediator



With leadership experiences in both the for-profit and nonprofit arenas with an emphasis on
client/customer service, I am highly competent in managing any workplace environment.

Whether serving as the executive director of a foundation, or customer relations and project
manager for a startup company, a variety of duties fell under my responsibility as is often the
case in growing organizations. Managing employees and working with upper management
(board of trustees) allowed me to witness the struggles at both ends of the spectrum. I often had
to utilize my problem-solving skills to facilitate internal concerns, as well as customer

While being the parent to a medically dependent child came with its own blessings and
struggles, those struggles allowed me to better empathize with an often overlooked
demographic. Listening to other parents’ stories and being heard in return was a gift of
connection. An effective mediator should be able to connect with all human beings.

At La Vida Buena Acres we strive to produce the highest quality pork and lamb products, in
addition to spectacular chicken eggs. All animals are humanely raised just 15 minutes west of
Corsicana, TX. Living in and serving our community allows us to interact with our customers
both professionally and personally. Hearing the successes and struggles of other local small
business owners provides us with an understanding of what resonates most with the citizens of
Navarro and neighboring counties.

In addition to ranch production, I manage a tiny cabin on-site for short-term rental. Property
management and hospitality go hand-in-hand and I pride myself at providing the highest level of
customer service. To excel in the short-term rental space one has to gain a true understanding
of the guests expectations and why they want to visit. Much like in mediation, if you can get to
the root of the “why”, then you can more effectively ensure the guest is satisfied.

As a compliment to quality customer service, my personal development coaching experience
uniquely positions me to better empathize with others and utilize various problem-solving
techniques to help clients reach their goals.

Regardless of my role, connecting with the client/customer and providing outstanding service to
achieve goals was the common thread throughout. Effective communication was key in
resolving any grievance. All of which are qualities I have strengthened over the last 20 years
and have positioned me to be a competent and effective mediator.

  • Employment/Workplace. Car Wrecks. Creditors' Rights. Debt Collection. Landlord/Tenant (Texas). Rural Community Disputes. 

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