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Employee Termination
                      & Performance Solutions

by GogoMediation

By your side when termination is the only option

Think of us as your outsourced, independent support for handling sensitive employee issues and performance challenges.

Mediation is an effective tool for resolving any type of employee disputes including termination. GogoMediation is a third-party mediation and consulting service specializing in employee termination mediation and performance improvement plans (PIP).  Our targeted services aim to help small and medium business owners to stay focused on what matters and reduce risks of litigations. 

Employee Termination Mediation

Navigating employee terminations can be challenging. Our mediation services provide a neutral platform to facilitate respectful and amicable terminations, minimizing legal risks and preserving professional relationships.

Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)

We assist small businesses and managers in implementing effective PIPs. Our services are ideal for businesses lacking dedicated HR resources, offering structured plans to boost employee performance and address issues constructively.

Mediation for Performance Reviews

Facilitate performance review discussions to ensure fair and constructive feedback. Receive Professional Guidance and Support from professional mediators and business coaches.

Our Services

Free 15 Minute Consultation (if desired)

We offers a complimentary and confidential 15 Minute video or phone consultation.  The consultation is really meant to discuss your HR needs, either discussing how mediation can protect your business to terminate one of your employee or guiding you to implement a performance improvement plan for your team. Keep in mind that the consultation is not meant as a substitute for the mediation itself.

Schedule a Mediation with your employee

We help you schedule the mediation session and guide through all the required steps to inform all parties. 

We match your specific case with a professional mediator experienced in human resources and employee dispute field.

Prepare for the Mediation

The best way to prepare is to write up a thorough, yet concise "Mediation Summary" that you will share confidentially only with the mediator. In this summary, it's wise to state your version of the events, what you're asking for, and provide concise and sound justification for your ask.  Providing limited, yet relevant physical evidence is also helpful. The other party will do the same. All in a confidential way.

Participate to the mediation

Every mediation is different but as general structure, at the start time the mediator will generally begin in a private one-on-one video session with one side, hear their positions and demands, then go to the other sides' private video session and hear their side. The mediator will facilitate a resolution by helping evaluate the positions and potential outcomes by going back and forth several times. If a resolution is reached, it will be put into writing in the form of a Mediated Settlement Agreement.

Request support on other HR needs

Performance Improvement plans (PIP): We help small businesses develop and implement effective Performance Improvement Plans. These plans provide a structured approach to address performance issues, enhance employee productivity, and retain valuable team members. 

Mediation for performance Review: Our mediation services facilitate fair and constructive performance review discussions. We work with HR personnel and managers to ensure that feedback is delivered effectively, promoting positive outcomes and improved employee relations.

How It Works

So, what's next?

Are you struggling with HR challenges?

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your current HR needs. Whether you need guidance on navigating employee terminations or get help managing low-performing employees, our experienced mediators and HR coaches are here to help. Let us support your small business in managing HR issues efficiently and effectively. 

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