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The Gogo Platform

A single platform

Use just one interface to securely communicate with your arbitration support staff, upload evidence, and more. Smart device app or web-based.

Secure document sharing & storage

No more messy Dropbox or Google links. Just upload and organize your important case documents directly into the platform. Annotate. Highlight. Share with your arbitration support staff securely.

Case Task List

Log in and see what you have to do and your deadlines.

Integrated e-sign

Sign the service agreement. No more downloading a pdf, signing, re-uploading, emailing, waiting for a fully executed document. Just instant sigs.

Just schedule a chat with our Founder. You'll get 30 minutes to ask questions, see what Gogo has to offer, and even talk about compensation.

Want to talk with someone about arbitrating a moving claim?

Just schedule a chat with someone on our Gogo Team. You'll get 15 minutes to ask questions and see what Gogo has to offer.

Submit Your Request for Moving Claim Arbitration Here.  

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