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Erin Moynahan, Mediator & ADR Specialist
  • Erin Moynahan, Mediator & ADR Specialist

Erin Moynahan, Mediator & ADR Specialist



Erin Moynahan is an accomplished mediator, possessing a unique blend of education and professional experience. She holds a Masters degree in Legal Services from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law and a Masters degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.


Her background as a social worker for the developmentally disabled, specializing in crisis intervention, has honed her innate ability to mediate disputes and foster consensus, even in high-stress environments. Erin's mediation expertise is further enriched by comprehensive training in a variety of areas including mental health, trauma, cross-cultural communication, and advocacy.


With a focus on Family Law, Education Law, and Employment Law, Erin navigates these complex fields with exceptional proficiency. Her in-depth understanding of emotional complexities and legal nuances aids in facilitating effective dispute resolution in sensitive scenarios.


As a trauma-informed conflict resolution specialist, Erin employs empathy and respect in every case she mediates. Her approach considers the whole person, not just the conflict, ensuring every party feels understood and respected.


Whether you're an individual seeking resolution or an organization needing expert mediation, Erin Moynahan is prepared to support you through the process, offering sensitive, respectful, and effective dispute resolution.



  • 2-hour:  $250.00 per party

    3-hour:  $375.00 per party

    4-hour:  $500.00 per party

    8-hour:  $1,000.00 per party

    *Each additional hour beyond original booking is $250.00 per hour.

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