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Catherine Lampton, PhD, Mediator
  • Catherine Lampton, PhD, Mediator

Catherine Lampton, PhD, Mediator



With a rich history of over 20 years in community mediation, Dr. Cat has dedicated her career to fostering understanding and resolution. Rooted deeply in her work with the Hawaii State Judiciary, she not only served on their charter board but also undertook pivotal roles in public relations and office management. Her deep commitment to mediation is evident in her creation of the mediator mentor program and her hands-on experience conducting hundreds of mediations at the Big Island center.


Notably, Dr. Cat's influence extends beyond direct mediation. As the Big Island trainer for annual Basic Mediation sessions from 2006-2019, she has nurtured and mentored numerous individuals, providing them with a solid foundation through her copyrighted workbook. Following the 2008 financial crash, she expertly trained attorneys in foreclosure mediations, lending her skills to a state pilot project. Her adeptness as a facilitator has consistently been sought after by homeowners' associations and civic groups, aiding them in strategic planning and addressing contentious community matters.


Educationally, Dr. Cat boasts a comprehensive academic background, holding a bachelor's degree in Legal Studies: Alternate Dispute Resolution, a master's in negotiation, conflict resolution, and peacemaking, and a PhD in ethical leadership, with a specific focus on listening—a discipline so profound that her dissertation, ‘More Listening = Less Conflict,’ earned the prestigious Dissertation of the Year Award in 2021 by the International Listening Association.


Her versatility also extends to the real estate realm, possessing an active Hawaii real estate license. Dr. Cat has adeptly trained local board realtors in mediation, arbitration, and ombudsperson principles, highlighting her multifaceted expertise.


At the heart of it all, Dr. Cat resides amid the tranquil beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii. This serene backdrop likely fuels her unwavering commitment to peace and communication, be it in real estate, foreclosure, probate, landlord-tenant matters, domestic disputes, or small claims. Her approach is uniquely holistic, working closely with individuals and groups on group dynamics, planning, and personal conflict resolution.


Those who work with Dr. Cat quickly discern her sincere dedication: her singular mission is to enhance communication and foster peace. Revering the power of the mediation process, Dr. Cat holds steadfast to its foundational ground rules. Her uncanny ability to discern patterns and interconnections proves invaluable, and her emphasis on active listening and curious questioning uncovers deep-seated issues and emotions—often the very keys to resolution.


When seeking a mediator with a heart for peace, a mind for strategy, and a commitment to effective communication, Dr. Cat stands out as an unparalleled choice.

  • 2-hour:  $250.00 per party

    3-hour:  $375.00 per party

    4-hour:  $500.00 per party

    8-hour:  $1,000.00 per party

    *Each additional hour beyond original booking is $250.00 per hour.

  • If you cancel the booking up to three (3) days before the meeting time, you will be entitled to a refund of 80%.  If you cancel the booking within three (3) days of the meeting time, you will NOT be entitled to a refund.


    If you reschedule the booking up to three (3) days before the meeting time, you will not be charged a reschedule fee.  If you reschedule the booking within three (3) days of the meeting time, your reschedule fee will be 20% of the mediation fee.  

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